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America's Doorways

America's Doorways

Photos by Terri and Ben Prepelka

     The simple door has been an integral part of human habitats for as long as civilization has been erecting dwellings. First used to control heat and admit light, doors with locks served a new purpose, primarily as a barrier. Today the world is filled with thousands of door variations, some specialized with electronics, others decorated with ornate trim work, carvings, countless types of window glass and ingenious locking hardware.
     Doors have also taken on symbolic meaning over the centuries. Doors have been part of rituals in granting access, extending invitations and themes of stepping through a doorway to self change and entry into a fresh, new life. With the beginning of each new year, people from around the world will focus on making positive changes in their life. Each new year is a time for a new beginning, an opportunity to break away from bad habits and dull routines.

   American doorways - Left to right, top to bottom:
      The Parson's Barn - Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts
      The Old Round Church, Vermont
      Pennsylvania barn, Bedford County
      Lemon House, Allegheny Portage Railroad, Pennsylvania
      Boynton Chapel, Door County, Wisconsin
      Neosho Falls Ghost Town, Kansas
      Colonial Pemaquid Fort, Maine
      Copper Mill, New Jersey
      Old Newgate Prison, Connecticut
      Connecticut Barn, Hartford County



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