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Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle - Black Hills, South Dakota

Photos by Ben Prepelka
Ben's Panoramio Gallery

     This unique rock formation, the Eye of the Needle, is nestled in South Dakota's Black Hills Mount Rushmore Presidents - Black Hills, South Dakota along Needles Highway. In an area most famous for its manmade sculpture at Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument, Granite Needles - Black Hills, South Dakota this natural scuplture also rouses the wonder of many sightseers. Scattered throughout the Black Hills, granite rock outcroppings seem to create the perfect sites for the artist's chisel. Along with the famous faces of four presidents carved in granite, the colossal sculpture of Crazy Horse takes up a mountain sized chuck on granite. While the Crazy Horse and Rushmore carvings relied on pneumatic chisels and dynamite, the Eye of the Needles was formed over a long period of time by Needles Highway Tunnel - Black Hills, South Dakota wind and water erosion, plus a natural process known as frost wedging.
  The Black Hills have been a famous tourist destination for nearly a century. Here, visitors will enjoy Custer State Park, home to one of America's largest buffalo herds and old movie sites. Mount Rushmore (world's greatest mountain carving), Crazy Horse, Cathedral Spires, Harney Peak (the highest point east of the Rockies) and Sylvan Lake top the list of the many highlights of this area. Tight roads, one lane tunnels and spiraling pigtail bridges also make this one thrilling driving experience. The excitement of just getting around, the area's attractions and the friendly town of Rapid City all contribute to one of the most popular vacation destinations in South Dakota.

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