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Mallory Square

Mallory Square - Key West

Photos by Amanda Haddox
In My Mind's Eye

     Mallory Square was once Key Mallory Square 
Bikes & ChickensWest's most important deep water harbor. Today, the square is a gathering place for tourists, art exhibitors and street performers, and a ritualistic sunset celebration.
     Once part of a chain of remote south Florida islands, the area relied on the sea for all their imports and exports. The port saw trade ships from New York, Texas and nearby Cuba. Today, Mallory Square is a stop-off port for cruise ships headed to the Caribbean and Mexico. The Hospitality House and Museum, presents a look into the island's past, and was once a ticket office for the Mallory Steamship Company.
     Crowds begin to gather about two hours before sundown to enjoy the entertainment. The street performers, chickens and visitors are all a part of the this unique Key West atmosphere.



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