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Vermont Stone Fences

Vermont Stone Fences

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     New England's stone fences are another characteristic of this charming New England state. A roadside border wall, pictured here, was found in Londonderry's along scenic Route 100. A most wonderful time of the year, Vermont's white birches and autumn's falling leaves send out an invitation to visitors all over the world.
     Despite their best efforts, farmers continue to find stones which seem to mysteriously reappear in their fields each year. A phenomenon aided by frost heaving and freeze-thaw cycles, New England's countryside is littered with granite rocks and boulders. Dropped by the receding Laurentian Ice Sheet thousands of years ago, there is no shortage of rocky landscape material. And it appears to be a natural tendency, when rocks are removed from a field, that they end up stacked along the property lines. Looking back to times before powerful modern farm equipment, one can appreciate the plowman's efforts required to move some of the hefty obstacles in his path.



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