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South Stacy Boulevard -  Gloucester

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Gloucester, the oldest working seaport in America, remains a thriving business district centered Gloucester Bay around Gloucester Bay. Located on a point of land on the northern Massachusetts coastline, the area was named Cape Ann by Prince Charles (a tribute to his mother, Anne of Denmark). The first few waves of settlers, beginning in 1623, struggled to maintain a permanent settlement in the New World. By 1642 additional groups moved into the area, jump starting the population of this famous fishing village.
   Only 30 miles from Boson, the island setting of today's Gloucester manages to retain its small town atmosphere. A tour of a few must see places include the bustling Rose Harbor, the home port of the Andrea Gail which was lost at sea during the Perfect Storm. In town, the Gloucester City Hall is all dressed up for visitors. Paintings and wall murals decorate its halls and walls, and its top floor offers the perfect viewpoint looking out over the harbor. The Cape Ann Historical Museum features the artwork of famous local artists, Fitz Hugh Lane and Winslow Homer. This view on South Stacy Boulevard takes in a fresh-looking line of seaside homes. Nearby, the famed Gloucester's Fisherman's Memorial, the Man At The Wheel, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in New England.

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