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Columbia Springs - Saratoga Springs, New York

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Saratoga Horse Sculpture    During their drive around the city, Saratoga Springs visitors will soon discover that this is Thoroughbred country. Lively looking horse sculptures, decorated in a number of themes, are scattered throughout the city streets. Born from an organized event sponsored by the Saratoga County Arts Council and the MCA of Saratoga, these sculptures announce the city's love for their horses and the oldest horse racing track in the country. The Saratoga Race Course, home of the Travers Stakes since 1864, typically runs events from late July through September. Not to be confused with the Race Course, the Saratoga Casino and Raceway features plenty of viewpoints to watch live harness racing over the beautiful half mile track.
   Saratoga's early history had little to do with horses, but rather its lure of the healing powers of the area's natural springs. Unchecked by any official oversight, wild claims and cure-alls attracted many visitors to this New York resort town, including prominent guests such as the Morgans, Vanderbilts and Bradys. Saratoga Jockey and Horse Featuring 17 of the most unusual carbonated mineral springs, a rarity in the country, Saratoga was soon known around the country by the nickname, Queen of Spas.
   Columbia Springs, discovered in 1803 by Gideon Putnam, is one of the historic features in Congress Park. Rebuilt by the historical society in 1981, the dome pavilion recalls the glitzy era of mineral baths, exclusive resorts and bubbling fountains of effervescent waters. While enjoying its rich history, the city of Saratoga Springs still does its best to entertain its visitors. Along Broadway, you'll find a line of art galleries, fine shopping boutiques, superb restaurants, wonderful spas and a bustling night life.

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