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Wild Horses Monument

Wild Horses Monument Scenic Area

Photos by Eric Noel
Eric's Wild Horses Monument Gallery

     Seen from various viewpoints along I-90, Washington State’s Wild Horses Monument manages to turn quite a few heads on the interstate. Artist David Govedare’s life size sculptures, added during Washington State's Centennial Celebration, are entitled Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies. Hoping to capture the mystical spirits of a time that has passed, this 200 foot line of steel ponies remind us all of time when creatures were able to roam wild and free.
Broncos on the Run - Wild Horses Monument      History surrounding Vantage and this section of the Columbia River Basin progressed from ferry service to the first cantilever bridge. Once the Wanapum Dam was proposed, the old Vantage Bridge was dismantled, and eventually reassembled over the Snake River at Lyons Ferry. The modern bridge, seen in this view, now carries I-90 traffic from Vantage to George, across Wanapum Lake.
     These close-up views of the Wild Horses Monument are only accessed from I-90 eastbound. Concerned officials plead not to stop on the highway. Please exit the highway (Exit 139) to the scenic Area. The trail to the monument is steep and rocky and a bit of a challenge, but well worth the climb.

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