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Angel Arch

Angel Arch
Needles District

Photo by Bob Fagley

     It's a long, winding trail to Angel Arch. Four miles as the crow flies, but in this canyonland country there are no straight trails. The one way trip, south of Canyonlands' Peek-a-Boo Springs, easily doubles the four mile route to see this spectacular natural wonder. The Angel Arch span stretches over an opening of 120 by 135 feet and is one example of the fanciful shaped rock sculptures in this section of Canyonlands National Park. The Utah park hosts a jumbled up collection of rock features, including dominate sandstone canyons, spires, arches, grabens, potholes and needles, all on display in various earth-tone hues.
     Ancestral Puebloans have left traces of their culture throughout the park. Stone and mud dwellings, pictographs and grain storehouses are some of the additional marvels found in Canyonlands.




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