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Colonial Williamsburg

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Colonial Williamsburg - Williamsburg, Virginia

Photos by Bob Goldman

   Williamsburg, one of the three cities of Patrick Henry the Historic Triangle of Virginia, is one of the most visited historic cities in the world. Its beginnings of a fortified settlement between the James and York rivers date back to 1632. This high ground peninsula, just inland from the Chesapeake Bay was renamed Williamsburg after the Capitol City of the Virginia Colony was moved from Jamestown.
    Colonial Williamsburg, covering 300 acres, includes nearly 100 original buildings, as well as hundreds of reconstructed replica homes. Walking tours include home displays, authentic gardens, historic trades demonstrations and various rare breeds farm animals. On the tour, visitors may see smoke curling up from the blacksmith shop or from a kitchen hearth. Don't be surprised Wiilamsburg Carriage when a look-a-like George Washington or Patrick Henry pass on the street.
    Rare breeds sheep, cows, horses, poultry and oxen are found in pastures and pens throughout the town. Helping preserve the bloodlines of uncommon farm animals, visitors may learn about the important role of livestock in this early American settlement. Colonial Williamsburg is truly an 18th century experience.

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