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Greeter Falls

Lower Greeter Falls - Savage Gulf State Natural Area, Tennessee

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Starting off on a nice wide pathway, waterfall fans find trail markers indicate it's just a half mile to Greeter Falls. Staircase to Lower Greeter Falls, Savage Gulf State Natural Area TN While descending to the falls, the trail quickly narrows and eventually leads along a high rock ledge. Somewhat of a surprise, a metal spiral staircase descends down the face of a cliff, leaving one to wonder how the crew first set it up. Once at the bottom, it's easy to locate Greeter Falls from the thundering roar below.
     Here in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, one of Tennessee's most scenic wilderness areas, backcountry explorers will find both upper and lower Greeter Falls, Blue Hole and Boardtree Falls. Upper Greeter Falls, Savage Gulf State Natural Area TN Here, Big Creek, Collins River and Savage Creek drop 800 feet over a five mile stretch forming gulfs (ravines) in the soft limestone. Spread over 15,590 acres, this rugged wilderness is shaded mostly by a second growth forest. One large section of old growth mesophytic forest is covered in oak, hickory, yellow poplar, hemlock and pine. Under the canopy expect to find a tangle of vines, wildflowers, mosses and ferns.
     Named for the Greeter family, this photo captures a rain-enhanced full-flowing Lower Greeter Falls as it drops 50 feet into a large plunge pool. Regarded as foolhardy and dangerous, this couple walks across the stream right above the nearby Upper Greeter Falls (inset).

    Map to Greeter Falls



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