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Parke County Fall Festival

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Fall Festival - Parke County, Indiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Beginning Friday, on the second full 74 foot Marshall Bridge - Liberty Township, Indiana weekend in October, Parke County celebrates its fall festival. An annual event, the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival has grown into one of the biggest and best in the Midwest. Spread over nine Parke County communities, the basis for the event is the area's wide array of historic bridges, but visitors from all over the United States enjoy western Indiana's grand displays of autumn foliage, local arts and craft displays, and various food concessions.
     With 31 historic covered bridges, Parke County has a legitimate claim to the self-titled Covered Bridge Capitol of the World. Made mostly from area poplar, most bridges used the patented Burr arch for it supporting structure. Circa 1876, West Union Bridge - West Union, Indiana Weather resistant poplar was also used for the siding, but need a tougher oak for the floor boards. Joseph J. Daniels, the most prolific bridge builder in Indiana, is credited with 27 Parke County covered bridges, and 10 are still standing today. Joseph Albert Britton, a local bridge builder from Rockville, raised the Narrows Bridge over Sugar Creek. Constructing about 40 bridges in Indiana, J.A. Britton's Narrows Bridge is one of the most photographed in the state.
     Bus tours depart daily, taking in two routes, stopping at a half dozen bridges and some of the best food fairs around.

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