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Hells Half Acre

Hells Half Acre

Photo by Ron McEwan
Zenfolio Gallery

     Halfway between the Wyoming towns of Casper and Shoshoni, and squeezed between the Rattlesnake and Bighorn mountains, lies Hells Half Acre, an unusual horseshoe shaped canyon. The 150 foot deep ravine is found in a relatively flat Powder River Valley, filled with a varied assortment of spires, gulches and strangely shaped white clay and shale rock formations. This collection of rocks displays pastel hues of yellow, pink, white and orange stirations; coupled with deep shadows, it puts on a striking natural display.
     This 300 acre badland canyon, so diiferent from the surrounding countryside, was formed long ago by the forces of the Powder River and finishing touches applied by wind driven erosion. This geological wonder was once avoided by superstitious Indians and trappers. Today, guests, intrigued by the unusual name, visit in all but the winter months. A restaurant on the rim provides a viewing platform nearby Waltman on U.S. Route 20/26.



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