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Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach, Oahu

Photo by Sam Cox
Landscape Imagery

     This marvelous Hawaiian shoreline scene takes in Sandy Beach just as rain showers breakout during the late afternoon. From this southeast tip of Oahu, the beach faces Molokai Island. The unique channel between the islands creates one of the best shores for boogie boarding. The shore break is also perfect for body surfing, attracting summer crowds when the waves are the finest.
     But with all this beach fun and beautiful emerald water, there are also dangers at the beach, especially when the surf is up. With the perfect tube comes treacherous shore breaks, rip currents, and dangerous coral reefs just below the surface. At times these perfect waves can reach 50 feet.
     Wanting to get away from the crowds? Surfing fun at Sandy Beach (Sandy's) is just 20 minutes away from Waikiki, with nothing but surf, sun and sand. No restaurants, no shops, just the beach and hopefully a vacation with a few priceless memories.



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