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   Over the last ten years many photo contributors have added a great deal of interest to Scenic USA. Please join me in offering support and encouragement for this devoted group of photographers. As the film era has faded and the digital ages grows by leaps and bounds, one thing remains the same; these dedicated photographers are ready with cameras not far from their fingertips. You'll see they've given it their best in order to capture more unforgettable scenes. Check out their web sites and see what's new. Browse the photo art galleries, enjoy their fine work and stories behind the photos, and don't forget to share their links with family and friends.


Contributors' Links

   Aaron Campbell
   Alastair Allan
   Alan Hartmann
   Amanda Haddox
   Andy Cook
   Anne Swoboda
   Betsy Kellenberger
   Big Sky Fishing
   Bill Hilborn
   Bob's Arches
   Brad Troy
   Cecil Whitt
   Charles Chessler
   Clayton Esterson
   Cliff Hamilton
   Dakota Cowboy
   Dan Kehlenbach
   Dave Clark
   Denny Barnes
   Ed Heaton
   Eric Noel
   Frank Vetere
   Fred Weyman
   Gerri Jones
   Greg Hamilton
   Houston Freeways
   Ian Parker Photography
   Independence Rock
   Internet Brothers
   Jack Brauer
   Jack Ryan
   Jason Merlo
   Jim McGehee
   Jim Cook
   Jim Stiles
   John Andreozzi
   John Bailey
   Karen Stuebing
   Ken Reece
   Lynn Haist
   Lou Kellenberger
   Lynn Radeka
   Marcia Colelli
   Maria Gonzalez
   Marilyn Porter
   Marty Straub
   Mike Davis
   Monnie Ryan
   Monte Dodge
   Neil Marcus
   Paul Winters
   Peggy Price
   Robert Ballard
   Rod Ostoski
   Ron Lutz
   Sabrina Ryan
   Sam Cox
   Scott Dommin
   Steve Shames
   Steve Wolfe
   Susan Rovira
   Terri Steele
   Terry Olsen
   Thomas Croce
   Wei O'Connell
   Vaibhav Bhosale



Sites featuring Photo Art

   I was first introduced to the American West while finishing my commitment to Uncle Sam, especially enjoying the area in Northern Arizona. During the next two decades I traveled throughout the West, from Southern California all the way to the San Juan Islands. Looking for a Home to sink my roots, I never forgot the beauty of Sedona.
   I make my home in Sedona today, and still find that feeling of appreciation, stillness and peacefulness in Arizona's Red Rock Country that I discovered long ago. Inspired by majestic skies, red rock spires and monoliths, I hope that that peaceful feeling shows in my Photography and inspires others as well. ~ Tom

Tom Kelly

Paula Krugerud Photography

   Montana has always been my dream, and has now become my reality. I live under the shadows of the Anaconda-Pintler mountains, with an immense forestland and wilderness as my backyard. I love being outdoors, from the deserts to the mountains - embracing these gifts from God. I enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, skiing, reading, or just sitting on the porch taking time to soak it all in.
I'm most ardent about taking photographs. Landscape, candid portraits, macro, and wildlife... but am happiest when out in an old corral, boot-deep in dust and manure shooting those moments in time of the working cowboy. I carry my camera with me always, combining my passion of photographical story-telling and love of the wilderness ... the place I called home.
Come and see what takes my breath away ~ Paula

   I fell in love with photography when I got my first camera as a child and again when I took courses in black and white photography in college. My final love affair with the art of photography happened when I discovered digital photography. My goal is to capture as many wonderful places, people and beautiful moments as I can and share them with the world. I live in north county San Diego, California, I'm a major contributor to and a published salon photographer. ~ Julianne Bradford

Julianne Bradford Photography

Christopher Muller Railroad Photography

   From his home in Philadelphia, Christopher Muller's historic railroad photography has him covering America from coast-to-coast. As a lifelong railroad enthusiast and Internet entrepreneur since the age of 13, Muller has consulted with over 200 firms in the rail and travel industries. His works advocating rail development and preservation have been cited in dozens of books and periodicals. Muller's photography is available on his website,, from which he donates a portion of all sales to railroad preservation efforts. ~ Chris Muller

   Retired from the insurance industry, I'm now a full fledged nature photography addict. My wife, Helen and I travel fairly extensively, visiting National Wildlife Refuges, National Parks, National Forests, Conservation Areas, Wilderness Areas and just about any other place that has natural beauty and wildlife.
   Joseph Wood Krutch, and American Author and Naturalist, wrote: The wilderness and the idea of wilderness is one of the permanent homes of the human spirit. This quote serves as a great summary of how I feel about visiting and photographing wild places. ~ Tom

Tom Blandford

The Wilderness Vagabond Trip Reports

   With an extreme fondness for wilderness, Rob, The Wilderness Vagabond, explores what little remains of our precious public lands. Rob, an Idaho Native and having lived in every state, greatly appreciates the values of untrammeled public land. While noting the blue smoke (ORV) hoard, the geometric growth of the human population, the starter castle crowd and resource issues, making it unlikely that any but fragments of true wilderness will remain for future generations, Rob urges you to participate in muscle-powered recreation and enjoy an area up close rather than running over it with an ATV, snowmobile, or another insult to the Eaarth (Bill McKibben spelling and meaning). Rob enjoys sharing trip reports, photos, and philosphies, which can be seen on his web site.

   I am a native son of Colorado ... born in Denver, raised in Durango and Grand Junction. I've been photographing the people and landscapes of my home state for over 35 years. Please enjoy my gallery of images and I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like printed & framed versions of my personal artistry please contact me yspinc1[at] or call 970.640.7640
Albert Yanowich Jr.

Albert Yanowich Jr. Photography

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  • Kenneth C. Brown
  • Kevin Kreiman
  • Laban West
  • Luther McPherson
  • Meri Cheatham
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  • Mike Franklin
  • Mike Matenkosky
  • Nick Havrilla
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  • Robert O'Connell
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